Work in progress 8/11/17

More work on this digital collage on the Surface. This is about 30 minutes of work compressed to less than 2 minutes. I'm definitely feeling more comfortable working on the tablet, and I'm absolutely loving being able to draw directly onscreen.

I've also started work on my County Collectors piece for the Delaware County Open Studio Tour. All participating artists were given a 6" square panel frame to make a piece especially for the tour. These are all to be priced at $75, which gives buyers the opportunity to get a piece of original art for a reasonable price (especially if it's by an artist who usually charges a lot!) 

I think I was feeling inspired by my visit this week to the exhibit "Robert Rauschenberg: Among Friends" at MOMA, because I decided to turn the panel frame around so it's more like a little shadowbox and I can play with making the piece more 3D. I keep dabbling in doing some pieces that are more 3D but haven't made much progress, so this is a good opportunity to have the pressure of an external deadline to make sure I finish something! Some of the elements are locked in, but I'm still playing with different elements for the interior of the box. I like the thread, but the one I used in the last photo is definitely too thick and not the right color. But overall I'm happy with how this is going so far!