Works in progress!

This digital collage is finally starting to come along, after several months of false starts and languishing neglected in my folder of unfinished pieces. I've included a bunch of Ernst Haeckel's radiolaria, but I'll probably end up obscuring them a bit more. I'm torn, because I love them, and they are in the public domain, but it's always weird just using someone else's work in your work. I guess that's one of the ongoing dilemmas of collage though...I think the key is in transforming the elements into something different/new/interesting, and I don't think these are there yet! 


I've been having fun with the Kick in the Creatives Mixed Media March challenge. Since mixed media is at least 50% of what I normally do, I've decided to make it more challenging by incorporating unusual materials. So far these have included gel food coloring, caulk, cotton swabs and balls, glitter, wax (melted candles and crayons), and a parrot feather (my parrot has an Instagram because I am a crazy bird lady! @pipaparrot). I'm also adding on a little piece each day to create one big work by the end of the month. There are also daily prompts that I've been following (Red, Wing, Creature, Dwelling, Edible, Soft, Mythical). 

Each segment is pretty small, like 3" x 4" at most. I did a piece like this (large piece composed of many small pieces) once before in art school, but my professor totally disliked it and said it looked like a study for something else. I never re-visited the idea, which is a shame because it's a lot of fun and interesting to see how it evolves over time!