The roots of my art lie in the process of collecting images, ephemera, and found objects, which I layer and alter to create something new. I work both digitally (photo-collage and graphic design) and in more traditional forms (mixed-media collage/painting and jewelry made from found and vintage objects). No matter the medium, I prefer to work intuitively, letting each piece evolve over time and in unexpected directions. My work is more a form of meditation, exploration, and play than a deliberate attempt at communicating a specific concept, although I do believe that images and objects can act as carriers of meaning and emotional resonance. I am interested in symbolism, wonder, hidden connections between things, the passage of time, imagined landscapes, ways of understanding the world, and dualities including man made vs. natural worlds, light vs. dark (metaphorically and literally), and complexity vs. simplicity.


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Interdisciplinary MLA focusing on art history and society

University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Continuing Education Certificate, Print Design

Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Elkins Park, PA
BFA, Painting and Printmaking